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May 25 2017
Updated Barcode studio for Delphi/C++ Builder, now support for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
Supported : direct draw/print, Fast report, Report Builder, QuickReport
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Barcode library : product

Sorry, development of this product was stopped. But still you can buy it, but without development to future, technical support is still working. Better solution is use Barcode studio. Thanks.


Barcode library for Borland Delphi™/C++Builder™

Barcode library for Borland Delphi and C++Builder - download TRIAL version

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Set of Borland Delphi and C++ Builder components for design and print barcode. All basic barcode symbologies such as EAN, UPC, Code 2 of 5 - more variants, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, stacked symbologies ( PDF417, Code16K, CodablockF ) supported.
Detail list of supported barcode symbologies are here.

Barcode components you can use with or without database support.

As print method you can use direct print on the TCanvas, or some supported report tools.

... and more properties and features

Barcode library - versions table


Same as Lite version, but WITHOUT SOURCE CODE

Lite version

Same as Standard versionBasic version - Ean8 and Ean13 support, direct drawing on the TCanvas or Quick report, registered version with full source code


Version with support for EAN and UPC family symbologies ( Ean 8, Ean 13, Ean 99, Ean 128, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN, JAN, UPC, UPC-A, UPC-E0, UPC-E1), all can contain 2 or 5 add-on digit, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, Postal barcodes ...
Supported reports tools as specified in table of supported tools.
Registered version with full source code.


All featureas as Stardard versions, added support for stacked barcode symbologies : PDF417 (Standard, MacroPDF, MicroPDF, TruncatedPDF), Code16K, CodablockF.
Registered version with full source code.

Supported report tools:

Supported barcode types :

For detail supported symbologies list click here

  • EAN 13, JAN13, with two or five digit supplement
  • EAN 8, JAN8, with two or five digit supplement
  • PDF417 - full, trunctated. Supported compaction modes: binary, alphabetic, numeric. Max. capacity cca 2700 digits in numeric mode ... Supported error levels 0-8.
  • Code 39 Standard, Code 39 Full(Extended)
  • Code 93 Standard, Code 93 Full(Extended)
  • Code 128, character sets A,B,C
  • Codabar, ABC Codabar
  • 2/5, Two of Five, Code25, Code11
    • Industrial
    • Matrix
    • Datalogic
    • Interleaved(ITF)
    • IATA
    • Invert
  • UPC-A, UPC-E0, UPC-E1, UPC-Shipping
  • ITF6, ITF14, SSC14, ITF16
  • ISBN (Bookland EAN), ISSN, ISMN
  • MSI Plessey
  • OPC
  • PostNet
  • EAN 128
  • bcRoyalMail
  • bcDutch4StatePostal
  • bcSingapore4StatePostalCode
  • bcPlanet
  • bc4State
  • FIM A,B,C,D

Tip : More information about barcode symbologies on page Barcode encyclopedia

We plan implement these symbologies or properties in near future:

Stacked symbologies
  • bcTelepen
  • Code16K
  • CodablockF
2D symbologies:
  • QR Code
  • Aztec Code
  • Datamatrix Code

Basic barcode component features:

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