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Aug 20 2016

Updated Barcode studio, added support for Delphi Berlin 10.1, 32/64 bit version.

Download here
Torry Delphi Pages, very good source for developers


Set bars and spaces, readable in horizontal direction - barcode are vertically "redundand". This barcode category is older, but still used at most.

Advantages :

  • very easy print, can be printed on printers with small DPI
  • if barcode is damaged, no problem read encoded value visually in human part of image
  • for developers : easy programming, verys imple encoding algoritm, easy check digit calculation method

Disadvantages :

  • very small capacity - in practice max. to 20-30 encoded characters
  • not very high security - only one or two check digits, when barcode image contain some errors, can be unreadable
  • must contain quietzone around the barcode image
  • No error correction, only error detection

Examples :

Ean13 example

Code 128

2 of 5 Interleaved (ITF)

ISMN with 5 digits add-on

UPC version E1


Symbologies in Linear category (Total/Supported: 82 / 41)

Note : Symbology displayed as SAMPLE means barcode supported by PSOFT products, depended of version, see details for each product.
Total means all for us known symbologies in category.
Supported means count of symbologies supported by our products, depended on products and version, most of supported symbologies are implemented in Barcode studio

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