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Aug 20 2016

Updated Barcode studio, added support for Delphi Berlin 10.1, 32/64 bit version.

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Set bars and spaces, readable in horizontal direction, but in difference to linear barcodes stacked barcodes is set of linear barcodes in vertical order. This barcode type is still vertical "redundant".
For example PDF417 is often referred to as a 2D symbology. However, it is not a true matrix code. It is a stacked linear code, consisting of multiple rows of short linear codewords. It allows bars and spaces to have up to 6 different widths and as such it can be adversely affected by binarization at lower samples per module.

Examples :

PDF417 example

Symbologies in Stacked category (Total/Supported: 8 / 4)

    Note : Symbology displayed as SAMPLE means barcode supported by PSOFT products, depended of version, see details for each product.
    Total means all for us known symbologies in category.
    Supported means count of symbologies supported by our products, depended on products and version, most of supported symbologies are implemented in Barcode studio

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