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May 25 2017
Updated Barcode studio for Delphi/C++ Builder, now support for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
Supported : direct draw/print, Fast report, Report Builder, QuickReport
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Barcode studio : Components

PSOFT barcode on the Delphi/C++ Builder component palette



Component name


TpsBarcodeComponentBasic non visual component of Barcode studio
Basic non visual component of Barcode studio, implements all needed check input data to encode, checksum calculation and encode value.
TpsDBBarcodeComponentData aware version of TpsBarcodeComponent
Add connectivity to data using properties DataField and DataSource.
TpsBarcodeBasic barcode component
Component for visual representation of barcode on the screen. You can use for display barcode on any form, window.
TpsDBBarcodeBasic barcode data-aware component
Data aware version of TpsBarcode, use connection to data source using fields DataField and DataSource
TpsComboBoxCombobox for display barcode properties
Component for display and select all supported barcode symbologies, for use in end user interface ... Now can select barcode symbology only, but in future we can add more funcionality...
TpsListBoxListbox for display and set barcode properties
Like TpsComboBox, only as List Box
TpsCheckListShow list odf supported barcode symbologies
Like TpsComboBox, but in CheckList view
TpsBarcodeWebLabelComponent for display web link
TpsBarcodeLabelLabel for display barcode properties
Display some barcode property, like Name, LongName, Family, Charset ... addicted by property BarcodeSymbology
TpsBarcodeAboutComponent for display info about Barcode studio
Show simple widnow with information about Barcode studio version and with links to Barcode studio homepage and other useful links.
TpsBarcodeApplicationComponent like TApplication, but for Barcode studio environment
Now not very usable, in future we can here centralize all settings and default values for Barcode studio.
TpsExportImportComponent for export/import barcodes
Export barcode to graphic files (bmp, wmf, emf, gif, png, jpeg), export barcode parameters to ini, dfm, txt file. Import setting from ini, dfm files.
TpsBarcodeReaderComponent for read barcode from serial port
Read barcode from serial port COMxxx ... in future versions we remove this component, because Com port is ... archaic :-)
TpsPrinterComponent for easy print label sheet
Powerful component for direct print barcode or another graphic on the printer as sheets. End user can determine all parameters like label width,height, margins, paper orientation, size ... and all with live visual preview... and most used label sizes predefined.

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