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May 25 2017
Updated Barcode studio for Delphi/C++ Builder, now support for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
Supported : direct draw/print, Fast report, Report Builder, QuickReport
Torry Delphi Pages, very good source for developers

Barcode studio : editions

All editions contain main components TpsBarcodeComponent and TpsBarcode and support for direct draw barcode, and all components for all supported report engines. Difference is only in set of supported symbologies. See list below.

Source code okokok
TpsBarcodeComponent, TpsDBBarcodeComponentokokokok
TpsBarcode, TpsDBBarcodeokokokok
TpsComboBox, TpsListBox, ....okokokok
TpsExportImport  okok
TpsPrinter   ok
Supported symbologies
EAN/UPC family supportokokokok
Code 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 93, Code128, Codabarokokokok
Postal symbologies (Royal Mail, PostNet, Planet, 4State, Dutch4StatePostal, SwissPostal, Singapore4StatePostalCode, PostBar, PostbarCPC4State) okokokok
Telepen, TelepenNumeric, IntelligentMail, PostbarCPC4State, AustraliaPost   okok
PDF417, PDF417 Truncated, Macro PDF417, Micro PDF417  okok
QR code   ok
DataMatrix   ok
Report engines
Fast report okokok
Report Builder okokok
RAVE report components okokok
Quick report barcode components okokok
ACE reporter barcode components okokok
Warranty okokok
Email support okokok
Minor versions free upgrade okokok

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