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May 25 2017
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GS1 AI - Applications identifiers.

00SSCCSSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code)Integer18
01GTINGTIN (Global Trade Item Number)Integer14
02CONTENTGTIN of Contained Trade ItemsInteger14
10BATCH/LOTBatch or Lot NumberString1..20
11PROD.DATEProduction DateDate6
12DUE DATEDue DateDate6
13PACK DATEPackaging DateDate6
15BEST BEFOREBest Before DateDate6
17EXPIRYExpiration DateDate6
20VARIANTVariant NumberInteger2
21SERIALSerial NumberString1..20
22QTY/DATE/BATCHSecondary Data FieldsString1..29
240ADDITIONAL IDAdditional Item IdentificationString1..30
241CUST.PART NO.Customer Part NumberString1..30
242MTO VARIANTMade-to-Order Variation NumberInteger1..6
250SECONDARY SERIALSecondary Serial NumberString1..30
251REF.ToolPalettePageBReference to Source EntityString1..30
253DOC.IDGlobal Document Type Identifier (GDTI)Integer13
254GLN EXTENSIONGLN Extension ComponentString1..20
30VAR.COUNTCount of Items (Variable Measure Trade Item)Integer1..8
310XNET WEIGHT(kg)Net weight, kilogramsFloat6
311XLENGTH(m)Length of first dimension, metresFloat1..6
312XWIDTH(m)Width, diametre, or second dimension, metresFloat1..6
313XHEIGHT(m)Depth, thickness, height, or third dimension, metresFloat1..6
314XAREA(m)Area, square metresFloat1..6
315XNET VOLUME(l)Net volume, litresFloat1..6
316XNET VOLUME(m)Net volume, cubic metresFloat1..6
320XNET WEIGHT(lb)Net weight, poundsFloat1..6
321XLENGTH(i)Length or first dimension, inchesFloat6
322XLENGTH(f)Length or first dimension, feetFloat6
323XLENGTH(y)Length or first dimension, yardsFloat6
324XWIDTH(i)Width, diametre or second dimension, inchesFloat6
325XWIDTH(f)Width, diametre or second dimension, feetFloat6
326XWIDTH(y)Width, diametre or second dimension, yardsFloat6
327XHEIGHT(i)Depth, thickness, height, or third dimension, inchesFloat6
328XHEIGHT(f)Depth, thickness, height, or third dimension, feetFloat6
329XHEIGHT(y)Depth, thickness, height, or third dimension, yardsFloat6
330XGROSS WEIGHT(kg)Logistic weight, kilogramsFloat6
331XLENGTH(m);logLength or first dimension, metresFloat6
332XWIDTH(m);logWidth, diameter, or second dimension, metresFloat6
333XHEIGHT(m);logDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, metresFloat6
334XAREA(m);logArea, square metresFloat6
335XVOLUME(l);logLogistic volume, litresFloat6
336XVOLUME(m);logLogistic volume, cubic litresFloat6
337XKG PER m2Kilograms per square metreFloat6
340XGROSS WEIGHT(lb)Logistic weight, poundsFloat6
341XLENGTH(i);logLength or first dimension, inchesFloat6
342XLENGTH(f);logLength or first dimension, feetFloat6
343XLENGTH(y);logLength or first dimension, yardsFloat6
344XWIDTH(i);logWidth, diametre, or second dimensionFloat6
345XWIDTH(f);logWidth, diametre, or second dimensionFloat6
346XWIDTH(y);logWidth, diametre, or second dimensionFloat6
347XHEIGHT(i);logDepth, thickness, height, or third dimensionFloat6
348XHEIGHT(f);logDepth, thickness, height, or third dimensionFloat6
349XHEIGHT(y);logDepth, thickness, height, or third dimensionFloat6
350XAREA(i)Area, square inchesFloat6
351XAREA(f)Area, square feetFloat6
352XAREA(y)Area, square yardsFloat6
353XAREA(i);logArea, square inchesFloat6
354XAREA(f);logArea, square feetFloat6
355XAREA(y);logArea, square yardsFloat6
356XNET WEIGHT(t)Net weight, troy ouncesFloat6
357XNET VOLUME(oz)Net weight (or volume); ouncesFloat6
360XNET VOLUME(q)Net volume, quartsFloat6
361XNET VOLUME(g)Net volume, gallons U.S.Float6
362XVOLUME(q);logLogistic volume, quartsFloat6
363XVOLUME(g);logLogistic volume, gallons U.S.Float6
364XVOLUME(i);logNet volume, cubic inchesFloat6
365XVOLUME(f);logNet volume, cubic feetFloat6
366XVOLUME(y);logNet volume, cubic yardsFloat6
367XVOLUME(q);logLogistic volume, cubic inchesFloat6
368XVOLUME(g);logLogistic volume, cubic feetFloat6
369XVOLUME(y);logLogistic volume, cubic yardsFloat6
37COUNTCount of Trade ItemsInteger1..8
390XAMOUNTApplicable Amount Payable, local currencyFloat1..15
391XAMOUNTApplicable Amount Payable with ISO Currency CodeISO Currency3
392XPRICEApplicable Amount Payable, single monetary areaFloat1..15
393XPRICEApplicable Amount Payable with ISO Currency CodeISO Currency3
--ISO Currency0..15
400ORDER NUMBERCustomers Purchase OrderNumberString1..30
401CONSIGNMENTConsignment NUmberString1..30
402SHIPMENT NO.Shipment Identification numberInteger17
403ROUTERouting CodeString1..30
410SHIP TO LOCShip to - Deliver to Global Location NumberInteger13
411BILL TOBill to - Invoice to Global Location NumberInteger13
412PURCHASE FROMPurchased from Global Location NumberInteger13
413SHIP FOR LOCShip for - Deliver for - Forward to Global Location NumberInteger13
414LOC NoIdentification of Physical Location- Global Location NumberInteger13
415PAY TOGlobal Location Number of the Invoicing PartyInteger13
420SHIP TO POSTShip to - Deliver to Postal Code Within a Single Postal AuthorityString1..20
421SHIP TO POSTShip to - Deliver to Postal Code with ISO Country CodeISOCountry3
422ORIGINCountry of Origin of the Trade ItemISOCountry3
423COUNTRY-INITIAL PROCCountry of Initial ProcessingISOCountry0..3
424COUNTRY-PROCESSCountry of ProcessingISOCountry3
425COUNTRY-DISASSEMBLYCountry of DisassemblyISOCountry3
426COUNTRY-FULL PROCESSCountry Covering full Process ChinISOCountry3
7001NSNNATO Stock Number (NSN)Integer13
7002MEAT CUTUN/ECE Meat Carcasses and Cut ClassificationString1..30
7003EXPIRY TIMEExpiration Date and TimeDataTime Minutes12
703XPROCESSOR #Approval Numberof Processor with ISO country CodeISOCountry3
8001DIMENSIONSRoll Products (Width, Length, Core Diameter, Direction, Splices)Integer14
8002CMT NoCellular Mobile Telephone IdentifierString1..20
8003GRAIGlobal Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI)Integer14
8004GIAIGlobal Individual Asset Identifier (GRAI)String1..30
8005PRICE PER UNITPrice per Unit of MeasureInteger6
8006GCTINIdentification of the Components of a Trade ItemInteger18
8007IBANInternational Bank Account Number (IBAN)String1..30
8008PROD TIMEDate and Time of ProductionDate6..8
8018GSRNGlobal Service Relation Number (GSRN)Integer18
8020REF No.PAyment Slip Reference NumberString1..25
8100-GS1-128 Coupon Extended CodeInteger6
8101-GS1-128 Coupon Extended CodeInteger10
8102-GS1-128 Coupon Extended CodeInteger2
8110-Coupon Code Identification for Use in North AmericaString1..30
90INTERNALInformation Mutually Agren Between Trading PartnersString1..30
9XINTERNALCompany internal InformationString1..30

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