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May 25 2017
Updated Barcode studio for Delphi/C++ Builder, now support for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
Supported : direct draw/print, Fast report, Report Builder, QuickReport
Torry Delphi Pages, very good source for developers

Barcode library : news

Sep 20 2017

Updated Barcode library

Updated Barcode library prices
Sep 18 2017

Barcode library

Updated prices

for Barcode library, see here.
Dec 21 2009

New version of Barcode library, now compatible with Embarcadero RAD studio 2010.

New version of Barcode library, now compatible with Embarcadero RAD studio 2010. Added and improved support for Delphi 2009, Delphi 2010, added some new barcode symbologies (DataMatrix, IntelligentMail, Australian post barcode)
Jun 10 2009

Barcode library 5.3

Barcode library 5.3
  • added support for Delphi 2009
  • some bugs corrected
Apr 6 2009

Barcode library 5.2 updated

Barcode library 5.2 - correctd some bugs with Quick report component installation
Oct 28 2008

Online shop activated.

Please visit page http://psoft.sk/shop.php or http://shop.psoft.sk.
On this page you can download, read details, purchase our products and products of another companies. Here you can found more usefull software products.

Jun 26 2008

Added page Barcode categories and Barcode list.

Added page Barcode categories and Barcode list.
May 19 2008

NEW ! Barcode library for Delphi 2007/Win32.

In trial version you can try barcode components under environments:
  • Delphi 3-7
  • Delphi2006, Delphi2007/Win32
  • C++Builder 5,6
  • Kylix 1,2
May 12 2008

Barcode library - Commercial redistribution licence.

Edition for resellers, companies for redistribution to end user with full source code.
May 1 2008

EAN.INC file description.

EAN.INC file description
This file is configuration file of Barcode library. Please read and modify this file, if you can on/off support for different reports tools, such as Quick report, Report Builder, ACE reporter, RAVE report ... and another features.
Delphi/C++Builder/Kylix versions this file detect automatically.Please, not modify part of this file under message "NOT MODIFY".
After changes don't forget save this file and Open Barcode library package and Recompile or Build again.
Apr 5 2008

Barcode library 5.2

Updated version:
  • corrected some small errors
  • added new barcode symbologies
  • added support for Fast Report
Jul 3 2006

Version 5.1, updated. Support for Delphi 2006™, added 2 new components.

Version 5.1 :
  • Added support for Delphi 7, in trial version only without support databases and QuickReport, sorry
  • compatible with Delphi 2006™
  • added components TEan ListBox and TEanComboBox
  • new installation software, one exe file for all versions with multilanguage support
May 11 2006

Added function Ean13Country(Barcode:string):string; in EanSpecs.pas

Added function Ean13Country(Barcode:string):string; in EanSpecs.pas
Jan 12 2006

Added some new links to our pages...

Added some new links to our pages - product : History, Support, ScreenShots, Manuals
Jan 9 2006

New version of Barcode library, version 5.0

  • Added new features
  • Updated barcode property editor
  • Added new barcode types
  • Corrected some small bugs
Jan 8 2006

Forum menu is now updated.Is fully functional and you can use to discusion about our products.

Forum menu is now updated.Is fully functional and you can use to discusion about our products.
Nov 10 2004

Barcode library 4.5 updated

  • Updated compression alghoritm for Code128 and EAN 128, in some versions of coded text create bad barcode. Corrected.
Nov 1 2004

Barcode library with full source code with two versions

  • version with PDF417 code support
  • version without PDF417 code support
This decreases code size for users not using PDF417
Jun 16 2003

Barcode library 4.5 update

  • PostNet barcode with or without auto check digit - if property AutoCheckDigit is TRUE, check digit is added
  • ean6.res added - good for installation under Delphi 6
  • updated EanRead.pas - component TBarcodeReader - now works under Delphi 6 and Delphi 7 O.K.
  • Code 39 standard - removed char *, because * is START and STOP sequence. Barcodes included * are not readable
  • Correct print EAN128
Mar 16 2003

Barcode library 4.5 update

Barcode library 4.5 update.
  • Added Code 128 autocompression - smaller barcode if some digits included in barcode
  • some small bugs corrected
  • updated registration units
Dec 16 2002

Barcode library - Help files added.

Help files for Barcode library version 4.5 added.
Please visit download page or
Nov 21 2002

Barcode library update.

Small bug corrections :
  • component TBarcode reader don't work under Delphi 6. Fixed.
  • corrected bug in registration components for ReportBuilder.
Added :
  • property TBarcodeReader.ScaleString:String
  • methods TBarcodeReader.Send(s:String) - enable send string to port, must be boEnabledSend enabled in Options
Oct 17 2002

Barcode library 4.5

Supported platforms: Delphi 3-7
News :
- corrected bug in TBarcodeScanner component. Bad port property assigning. Corrected.
- added INT directory with interface parts
- added support for Delphi 7
- added new methods : SaveToStreamBmp and SaveToStreamWmf (needed for work with ASP)
- added method TCustomEan.PrintDialog - open dialog for print barcode labels
- in design-time component editor added sheet "Print"
- added method TCustomEan.PrintBarcodes - for using please look to EanFmt2 unit
- removed some unusable variables, corrected some warnings and hints
Jul 21 2002

Barcode library version 4.4 with PDF417 released !

- added support for PDF417 full & truncated

- supported PDF417 compaction : binary, numeric, aplhabetic
- support PDF417 error corrections levels 0-8, auto correction - based on number of codewords
- updated barcode component editor
- added property editor for property
- updated TEan popup menu (right click on barcode component)
- removed all memo based barcode components (TEanMemo, TDBEanMemo ...)
- packages & units for ReportBuilder and AceReporter moved to same directory as basic component
- added demo for PDF417 - see directory DEMOS\PDF417
Jun 19 2002

Barcode library update.

- Added new component TBarcodeReader - component for easy reading barcode from serial port. You can set all communication parameters, and write OnBarcodeReadyEvent. And Your application read barcode. Component use thread, event is called when barcode is readed. You can enabled/disable reading - use Active property.
- TBarcodeReader don't work under Kylix now, sorry. We work on this now ...
Jun 16 2002

Updated Barcode library 4.3

Sorry for problems,
trial version of Barcode library for Delphi 6 has some problem. Thanks for all your bug reports, we locate bug, we hope now this version works O.K.
Thanks once to all our downloader.
Peter Cirip
May 21 2002

New version of Barcode library !

  • Added support for Kylix 1 & 2
  • Added support for C++ Builder 5 & 6
  • Corrected some small bugs
  • Updated demo projects

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