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Feb 7 2015
Barcode studio 2015
New! Barcode studio 2015 released.
Now available for Delphi7, Delhi XE to XE7. Added support for Delphi XE7 32/64 bit, native source code, without any DLL's. Most used report engines as ReportBuilder, Quick Report, Fast Report, ACE Report supported.
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Barcode studio : product

Library/components for Borland/Embarcadero Delphi and C++Builder.

Create your own bar codes, print from your favourite report tool or directly on the TCanvas, export to graphic files.

Supported report engines
  • Direct draw on the any TCanvas - using procedure PaintBarcode from psBarcode unit:
    procedure PaintBarCode(C:TCanvas; R:TRect; E:TpsCustomBarcode);
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Barcode studio
Barcode studio