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Barcode encyclopedia : Symbology ean8

Symbology Ean 8 sample imageAll information about EAN, UPC : please look EAN - basic information.

EAN is European Article Numbering system ( Called JAN in JAPAN, only first digits is different), this is European version of UPC.Uses some size requirements and encoding scheme as UPC.

EAN-8 encoding only 8 digits, consist two country code, five data digits and one checksum.

EAN-13 is European version of UPC-A, the difference between EAN-13 and UPC-A is that EAN-13 encodes 13th numberinto parity patteren of the left six numbers of a UPC symbol.This 13th digit, combined with 12th digit, usually represent country code.

EAN-8 and EAN-13 can contain two or five supplemental digits appended on right side from main symbol. This is used for publications, books or periodicals.

EAN-13 is used world-wide for marking retail goods. EAN bar code numbers are assigned to specific products and manufacturers by an organization called ICOF located in Brussels, Belgium, Tel.011-32-2218-7674

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