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Barcode encyclopedia : Symbology hibc

Health Industry Bar Code

Barcode in Health Care

Basic information about HIBC as Health care code ....
HIBC contain Data identification system and EAN Application idenifier system.

The best system is the system which is easiest and cheapest to implmenent. Barcode shell be a tool for optimatization and for gainingbest benefit. It has to be amortised within one or two years. The HIBC system is designed not to change a numbering system, but just as a medium to carry existing item information for safe automatic data capture.


HIBC originally was developed for use in health industries, medical devices,pharmaceutical products, etc.

Distribution and trade

Automatic indentifiocation of :
HIBC, also offers valuable support in buildingup a quality management system. Since dental dealers are becoming more interested in systematic qualitymanagenent systems, the corresponding goals wll be easier to reach with an automatic marking system.
Main goals are:

HIBC Technical part

The Technical part of the HIBC is targetting to the HIBC Data Structure for product marking. It contains variable selection criteria for symbologies. IMHO very good.

Product marking

  • Data strucure is developed for product marking
  • contain variable selection criteria for symbologies
  • Contains also "Multi Industry Trasport Label"

Product marking

ID Mark for HIBC Standard The plus sign "+"
Labeler/location identification code4 digit, a/n, issued by EHIBCC
Product/Article codevariable 1 to 13 digit , a/n, issued by the supplier
Unit of measure1 digit numeric
Quantityoptional 2 or 5 numeric
Expiration dateYYMM, .... etc.
Charge/Serial numbervariable 0 to 13 digit
Security elementents
Check digit1 digit modlulo 43
Link character1 digit modulo 43 for conecting connecting primary and secondary code properly
Data concatenationCOBABLOCK structure to concatenate separated barcode rows for space optimization reasons.
The HIBC specification is avaikabke with the EHIBCC offices in Europe and with HIBCC in USA.
The HIBC standard recognizes the integration of UCC/EAN product codes.

HIBC barcode in detail

HIBC = primary segment and secondary segment. Allways primary segment begin with sign "+". This is recognized identifier for this baqcode type.

HIBC Primary data structure

After the sign "+" and the (LIC) Labeler Identification code, next 1 to 13 chracters is Product Catalog Number (PCN), one digit of measure identifier (U/M),, single check digit and one link character enceod.
+HIBC Supplier Labeling Flag Character
ILabeler Identification Code (LIC) is alphanumeric and the first character is allways the alphabetic character.
PLabelers Product of Catalog Numberaplhabetic data.
UUnit of Measure ID 0 though 9, where 0 is for unit-of-use-items, 1 to 8 are used to inidicate different packages levels...above the unit-of-use
9 is used for variable quantity informtation is encoded optiobnlally with the secondary symbol.
LCheck and link character L. Applies only if secondary data segment is encoded in a separate symbol. Calculated from the above characters according the standard Code39 modulo 43 check digit calculation.

HIBC Secondary data structure

The secondary code might be printed separately of the primary data Can be connected with character "L" or one barcode following in the primary segment.
The secondary data segment is variable and flexible, allowing recognition of manufacturers codification mechanismsl.

Field DescriptorField legthFiled descripion
+1HIBC Supplier labelng flag character"+" is applied, if the secondary data segment is printed with a separate barcode, but not is use primary and secondary barcode is contatenated as one.
R1,2 or 5Quality/Date/Refernce identifier
Of the character in the secondary segment is "R", than R is fixed digit Julian date. No Quantiy/Lot/Batch/Serial is no present.
"$" : if the irst character is "$" and the second character is alphanumeric, than the quantity and date fields are not used.
"$$" : If the two characters are "$$" then the next digit specifies quantity and date format
Q0,3 or 6Quantity field format indicator followed by two or five digit quantity.Use after the "$$"
D0 or 5-9Date fields, for use after the "$$", (includes data format field identificaor0
B0-13Charge/Serisl (Batch) number field
L1 Link character:
Duplication of the last character from primary data element.Primary data elements "L" apply only if the secondary data element is printed as a separate barcode symbol. "L" is does not appear, if the Primary and Secondary fields are printed as one barcode symbol.
C1Check character:
Calculated from above characters according the standard Code39 Modulo 43 check digit calculation. The check calculations includes the primary data segment, if encoded with the same symbolas one barcode as linear or 2D barcode.

Complete barcode and separated into parts : +E234MEDIX12Y0/9901510X3C
HIBCsupplier labeling Flag character "+" Labeler identification code Product of Catalog Number Units of measure Separator between Primary and Secondary field Date, option Julian calendar 5 digits YYJJJJ Charge/Serial number Check chraracter
The Code39 or Code 128 are used for lower data volume.
For large sized barcodes is used 2D code CodablockF.

Barcode symbologies

The HIBC data structure is build to be symbology independent to by carried by a selection of barcodes.

Suitable are alphanumeric symbologies :Code 39, Code128, Ean 13, Ean 128, stacked barcode CodablockF, 2D barcode Matrix.

Data security

HIBC in production process

As a starting point typical references of data capture within the production flow might be selected and applied with the related ANSI/FACT identifiers.
W Work order number
1H Employee Identification Code
1L Location/Production line
1D... Date ... YYMMDD, etc...
1P Item ID Code assigned by the supplier
1T Charge/Serial number-Traceability code
Q Quantity

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