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Barcode encyclopedia : Symbology rss-16

Composite Symbology Barcode

RSS (Reduced Space Symbology) are the largest barcode types for space-constrained identification from EAN International and Uniform Code Council Inc.
RSS barcodes have benn identified to solve problems in the grocery industry and in healthcare, where items are too small to allow for older barcode symbology.

About the RSS Symbology

RSS-14 is capable of encoding up to 20,000,000,000,000 values.There are actually 15 chars that make up the barcode, but only 14 characters are encoded.

Types of RSS

UPC/EAN composite symbology:

The EAN/UCC Composite Symbology consists on a linear component, encoded item price and supplementary data.

MicroPDF417 is 2D composite barcode, assigned a specific matrix row/column combinations.Maximum data encoded is 56 numeric characters.Alpha characters and punctuation can be encoded, but will reduce the maximum encoded chars.

The composite Code C is used as UCC/EAN128 barcodes, can encode 2,000 characters. The maximum characters to encode is based on numeric characters.

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