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Barcode encyclopedia : Symbology sisac

SISAC - serial industry systems advisory commitee

Used for encode SICI - Serial Item and Contribution Identifier)
Structure of a SISAC symbol.
SISAC barcode is actually encoded using Code 128. SISAC isn't really a symbology, but like UCC/EAN-128 is a format for expressing data within an existing symbology.
  1. 8-digit ISSN number
  2. 3-digit date format
  3. variable number od characters for serail item, depended on date format ( 2.)
  4. 4-digit enumeration data format code
  5. variable numbers of characters for additional data - depened on enumeration data format (4.)
The SISAC (Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee) barcode symbol uses Code 128 to uniquely identify each issue of a serial publication using the ISSN, date of publication, and volume or issue number. The SISAC symbol is a barcode representation of the SICI code (Serial Item and Contribution Identifier).

SICI - Serial Item and Contribution Identifier

SICI is a code used to uniquely identify serial items (magazine/period issue) and/or individual articles. SICI is primarily used by managers of serial titles and/or their contributions.

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