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Barcode encyclopedia : Symbology ssc

Known as : Serial shipping container Code, EAN/UCC-14

Serial shipping container Code, known as EAN/UCC-14,SCC-14

Used throughout the supply chain as an entity identifier for tracing and internal control.
SSCC contains 18 digits started with extension digit and ended with check digit used EAN check digit algorithm.
SSCC is encoded with Code128 symbology (UCC/EAN128).First two digits is called Application identifier (AI), displayed in brackets.
EAN/UCC-14, also called SCC-14, DUN-14 or U.P.C.Shipping Container Code, is a 14 digit number assigned to fixed content shipping containers. SCC-14 can have two barcode representations. The most widely used representation is UCC/EAN-128 format, with the Application Identifier (AI) 01. The ITF-14, which is based on is sometimes used.

SSCC is 14 or 18 digits format

Structure of UCC/EAN128 symbol :


Package indicatorUPC/EAN prefixManufacturerd codeItem numberCheck digit
A SSCC-14 number contains the following information:
  • Digit 1 : Package indicator
  • Digits 2-3 : UPC numbering system/EAN country prefix
  • Digits 4-8 : Manufacturer code
  • Digits 9-13: Item identification number
  • Digit 14 :Check digit

Application identifier:

00Serial Shipping Container Code18 digits
01Shipping Container Code14 digits
02Number of containers14 digits
10Batch Number1-20 alphanumerics
11Production date6 digits : YYMMDD
13Packaging date6 digits : YYMMDD
15Sell by date ( Quality control)6 digits : YYMMDD
17Expiration date6 digits : YYMMDD
20Product variant2 digits
21Serial number1-20 alphabetic
22HIBCC, Quantity, Date, Batch and Link1-29 alphanumeric
23xLot Number1-19 alphanumeric
240Second Serial Number1-30 ALPHAnumeric
30Quantity each 
310yProduct Net Weight in kg6 digits
311yProduct Length(1st Dimension, in meters)6 digits
312yProduct width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in meters6 digits
313yProduct Depth/Thicknes/3rd Dimension, in meters6 digits
314yProduct Area, in square meters6 digits
315yProduct Volume, in liters6 digits
316yProduct Volume, in cubic meters6 digits
320yProduct Net Weight, in pounds6 digits
321yProduct Length/1st Dimension, in inches6 digits
322yProduct Length/1st Dimension, in feet6 digits
323yProduct Length/1st Dimension, in yards6 digits
324yProduct Length/2st Diameter, in inches6 digits
325yProduct Length/2st Diameter, in feet6 digits
326yProduct Length/2st Diameter, in yards6 digits
327yProduct Length/3st Thickness, in inches6 digits
328yProduct Length/3st Thickness, in feet6 digits
329yProduct Length/3st Thickness, in yards6 digits
330yContainer Gross Weight (kg)6 digits
331yContainer Length(1st dimenstion, meters)6 digits
332yContainer Width/Diameter/2nd DimEnsion (Meters)6 digits
333yContainer Depth/Thickness/3rd Dimension (Meters)6 digits
334yContainer Area (Square meters)6 digits
334yContainer Gross Volume (Liters)6 digits
336yContainer Gross Volume (Cubic Meters)6 digits
340yContainer Gross Weight (Pounds)6 digits
341yContainer Length/1st Dimension, in inches6 digits
342yContainer Length/1st Dimension, in feet6 digits
343yContainer Length/1st Dimension, in yards6 digits
344yContainer Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in inches6 digits
345yContainer Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in feet6 digits
346yContainer Width/Diameter/2nd Dimension, in yards6 digits
347yContainer Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in inches6 digits
348yContainer Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in feet6 digits
349yContainer Depth/Thickness/Height/3rd Dimension, in yards6 digits
350yProduct area (Square Inches)6 digits
351yProduct area (Square Feet)6 digits
352yProduct area (Square Yards)6 digits
353yContainer area (Square Inches)6 digits
354yContainer area (Square Feet)6 digits
355yContainer area (Square Yards)6 digits
356yNet Weight (Troy Ounces)6 digits
360yProduct Volume (Quarts)6 digits
361yProduct Volume (Gallons)6 digits
362yContainer Gross Volume (Quarts)6 digits
363yProduct Volume (Gallons)6 digits
364yProduct Volume (Cubic Inches)6 digits
365yProduct Volume (Cubic Feet)6 digits
366yProduct Volume (Cubic Yards)6 digits
37Number of Units Contained1-8 digits
400Customer Purchase Order Number13 digits
410Ship to/Deliver to LocationCode(EAN13 or DUNS code)13 digits
411Bill to/Invoice Location Code(EAN13 or DUNS code)13 digits
412Purchase From Location Code(EAN13 or DUNS code)13 digits
420Ship to/Deliver To Postal Code (Single Postal Authority)1-9 Alphanumerics
421Ship to/Deliver to Postal Code(Multiple Postal Authority)4-12 Alphanumerics
8001Roll Products-Width/Length/Core diameter14 digits
8002Electronic Serial Number (ESN) for Cellular phone1-20 Alphanumerics
8003UPC/EAN Number and Serial Number of Returnable Asset14 Digit UPC + 1-16 Alphanumeric Serial Number
8004UPC/EAN Serial Identification6 digits
8005Price per Unit of Measure1-30 Akphanumeric
8100Coupon Extended Code: Number System and Offer6 digits
8101Coupon Extented code : Number System,offer,End and offer10 digits
8102Coupon Extended code: Number system preceded by 02 digits
90Mutualy Agreed Between Trading Partners1-30 alphanumerics
91USPS Services2digit service ID,9 digit customer ID, 8 digit package ID + 1
92Internal company codes1-30 alphanumerics
93Internal company codes1-30 alphanumerics
94Internal company codes1-30 alphanumerics
95Internal company codes1-30 alphanumerics
96Internal company codes1-30 alphanumerics
97Internal company codes1-30 alphanumerics
98Internal company codes1-30 alphanumerics
99Internal company codes1-30 alphanumerics


    Serial Shipping Container Code
  AI Extension digit UCC/EAN Company prefix Serial reference number Check digit
(EAN) 0 0 N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 N7 N8 N9 N10 N11 N12 N13 N14 N15 N16 N17 N18
(UCC) 0 0 N1 0  N3  N4 N5 N6 N7 N8 N9 N10 N11 N12 N13 N14 N15 N16 N17 N18

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