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Barcode encyclopedia : Symbology telepen

Telepen barcode symbology.

History and description

Developed in year 1971. Computer technology had developed very rapidly, data identificantion must be very easy and successfull.Point of sale - motivation in year 1972 to develop hand help black and white bar code system.

British and American company were also working along these lines, this was known and it therefore necessary to device symbology:
The perceived requirements were as follows:

The length of the code for a given number of chracters clearly should not vary with the data.Adjusting the widths of the bars within a character to archieve this is also not acceptable.

A wide to narrow bar ratio of 3:1 is implied. These are four possible combinations of wide and narrow bars and spaces. Binary 1, 00, 010, 01/10.

A binary string may now be extremely efficiently encoded. Exactly twice sa Plessey code. Altrough multi-width symbologies as ANN or Code128 appear to have good packaking densites, very much tighter tolerances are required,. Reading is also, of course, more difficult.

Two levels of Telepen Usage:
The block check character is modulo 127.

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