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Basic barcode terms, short cuts.

2D (two dimensional barcode symbology)
2D barcodes are two dimenzional matrix of square, hexagonal or circles. In compare with linear symbologies data encode in two dimensions ... linear symbologies contain same information in any horizonla cut, two dimensional symbologies no.
2D barcodes have more capacity as linear barcodes, classic linear barcode capacity is about 10-20 characters, 2D barcodes capacity is about 1.000 - 5.000 characters. This need some error correction, correction for lost characters, etc. Solution for this problem is Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm.
See Matrix symbologies too.
3D symbology
3D symbology
Add-On symbol
A bar code symbol used to encode information supplementary to that in the main bar code symbol.
Automotive Industry Action Group
Automatic Identification Data Capture
AIM Global
AIM Global - The global trade assocation for automatic identification
American National Standards Institute
The capability od bar code reader to automatically recognize and decode multiple bar code symbologies.
Bearer bars
Bars on the top and bottom of bar code symbol or a frame around bar code symbol, intended to equalize the pressure exerted by the printing plate over the entire surface of the symbol .
Some barcode symbologies can be readed from left to right side, but from right to left too. This means these symbologies are omnidirectional.
Check char is one or more chars (some symbologies use one, some two check char digits) added to end of coded string, before stop char. Barcode scanner after reading barcode use some algorithm, calculate data from string and compare with last char. Is equal, reading is good, if no, not read this barcode, because is destroyed.

Calculation algorithms is more:
  • Modulo 10 - used in all EAN,ISBN,ISSN,ISMN,UPC barcodes
  • Modulo 11 - used in Code 11
  • Modulo 107 - used in Telepen
  • Modulo 143
  • combined two digits, Modulo10 + Modulo 11
  • ... and more another versions
Code128 Emulation
Code128 Emulation : special codewords may be used at start of the symbol as a signal to the decoder to transmit the symbol's data as if it were encoded in a Code 128 symbol. See FNC1 and Symbology identifier too.
Data compaction
Data is not directly represented on a one character for one codeword
Data codeword
Extended Channel Interpretation -
Error Correction Level - used in stacked or matrix symbologies. When barcode image is partially corrupted, ECL algorithms can repair corrupted data and allow read barcode as not damaged. Of course, corrupted part must be in some tollerance interval (depend on symbology and selected level), can be solid (QR Code - four levels : l-7%, M-15%, Q-25%, H-30% data can be corrupted), or in very high interval ( Aztec barcode - from 5% to 95% )
Error codeword
Error Detection and Corrrection
Encodable Character Set
Set of character who can be encoded for selected symbology. Are only numeric symbologies here, or alphanumeric, but some symbologies can encode 128 ASCII table or 256 extended ASCII, and QR code can encode Japanese Kanji/Kana characters.
Error correction
Add some redundantion data to barcode for error correction. You can have only part of barcode, destroyed barcode and error correction solve your problem. Error correction mode can be set from 5% to 95%, highest error correction level make of course smallest coded data size, but make this barcode very secure. 5% level is good, but you make barcode only with small damage, 95% is very good after damage, but more information is error correction as data. See
Reed-Solomon error correction too.
File ID (FID)
Used in Structured append to identify symbol group. All symbols belong to the same group have the same file ID
Global Label Identifier. GLI is used to allow output data stream to have interpretations different from the default character set (ISO8859-1). GLI is number six digit in length, value from0 to 999999.
GS1, with official Member Organisations in over 100 countries, is the global organisation that assigns numbers to identify all companies using EAN/UPC symbols in retail, healthcare and related sectors.
GS1 Application Identifier
2,3 or 4 digit numeric Prefix in front of the data to tell what the data means
GS1 specification
FNC1 mode is used for messages containing specific data format, see GS1 General specification. Available only for some symbologies, for example QR Code, DataMatrix, Code 128.
Global Trade Item Number
HCCB-High Capacity Color Barcode
Health Industry Barcode
Human readable
Human readable Interpretation - part of barcode image ( generally below lines) used for people. If barcode image is damaged, people can read encoded value in texrt message below barcode. This is used at most in linear symbologies, because here is only small data amout. Stacked or matrix symbologies can use human readables part too, but this have no large reason, because print and read 100-1000 characters in small place isn't very practice. Humnan readable part not contain any data for barcode scanner, for scanner/reader this part is not important.
International Air Transport Association
ISO - International Organization for Standardization - International Standards for Business, Government and Society
International Standard Serial Numbering
Acronym for "Interleaved 2 of 5"
Linear barcode symbology
Linear barcode is set of bars and spaces encoding some information. This barcode type is "vertically redLinear barcode is set of bars and spaces encoding some information. This barcode type is "vertically redundand"... linear barcode is 1D code, information is coded only in horizontal direction. undand"... linear barcode is 1D code, information is coded only in horizontal direction.

See Linear symbologies too.
Near Field Communication
Open Mobile Aliance
Optical Product Code Council
Quick Response , Type of bar code
Quiet zone
Free palce around barcode image, where cannot be any graphic, text. Some symbologies need this free place for reliable reading process.
Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm
Very powerfull algorithm to save and protect data before lost and destruction. Add some codewords after encoding data, used in barcode symbologies as Aztec, QR Code, PDf417, DataMatrix, IntelligentMail, Australia Post bar code ... etc.
You can set error correction level from 10 to 90 %, depened on selected bar code symbology ... barcode image can be damaged, but still readable.
The Reed Solomon Error Correction codewords ensures that the barcode is resistant to errors or erasures which may be caused by faulty printing, too much reflectance from envelope windows, or factors such as smudging.
Segmnent Index (SI)
Used in Structured append for identify symbol position in result symbols sequence.
Serial Item and Contribution Identifier
Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee
Stacked symbology
Stacked symbology

See Stacked symbologies too.
Structured append
Allow separate very long encoding message into more barcode symbols. Some symbologies ( QR ocde, DataMatrix, Aztec, PDF127) can encode long message, for this result must contain to field : Segment index and Total segments for identification symbol position in end result stream. Barcode reader can read all needed symbols (in different order) and after read all symbols complete result message.
Symbol capacity
Symbol capacity is amout of data that can be encoded. For linear symbologies is very small, for stacked or matrix is high. Capacity depend on selected charset, because in there symbologies is used data compression. Symbol capacity for alphanumeric charactes is higher than if full 256 ASCII table is encode. And capacity for numeric only encoded value is already higher.
Symbol size.
Symbol size.
Symbology identifier
A sequence of characters generated by the bar code reader that identifies tha symbology from which tha data has been decoded. This sequence isn't stored in the data, identifies is added as prefix by the reader. In the settings of the reader you can set on/off generate this sequence.
Total symbols (TS)
Used in structured append, assign total segment count in result message.
UNIFORM CODE COUNCIL. The primary organizations responsible for establishing industry standards.
Uniform Resource Identifier

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